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Centre for Socio-Cultural Interaction (CESCI)

The acronym CESCI stands for Center for Socio-Cultural lnteraction. The centre is situated near Madurai, in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India. CESCI was founded in 1996 by a Swiss woman, Maja Koene, together with Rajagopal PV, the initiator of the social reform movement Ekta Parishad.

CESCI, as the name suggests, is a forum for facilitating socio-cultural exchange between the north and the south. Not only this, it also hosts training for the activists from Ekta Parishad and provides an ideal environment in which they can take time to reflect and to recover from the mental and physical demands of their work at the grassroots.

Responsibility for CESCI is now in the hands of an Indian foundation, which is assisted by the CESCI Support Association in Switzerland as needed. The CESCI centre is largely self-funding, which means that the Swiss Support Association - currently numbering around 350 members - can concentrate on providing resources for both individual local projects and also for Ekta Parishad's pan-Indian work towards comprehensive land reform. 

Please make a donation today in aid of the valuable work of the CESCI Support Association: Donation.


BioRe® - new partner of CESCI support association

The bioRe® Foundation has been investing in the sustainable advancement of living conditions for farming families in India and Tanzania since 1997. The main areas of focus are organic cotton farming as a sustainable source of income as well as health, education and livelihood security.

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MILLIONS CAN WALK, a movie by Christoph Schaub and Kamal Masale about the people behind the great march JAN SATYAGRAHA will soon be shown in the movies. Release date for Swiss theaters: 2014/01/24. Additionally, several previews are going to take place. Don’t miss the wold premiere in Solothurn!

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The village Bhimkotti

We support together with Ekta Parishad a village project in the indian state Madhya Pradesh. This project involves the most basic points such as farming, chicken farms, etc. so you can create a decent living and sustainable basis for the village.

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