Education for the Childern of the Poor

School Projects

Many children in India are unable to go to school regularly. The reasons for this are above all poverty, child labour, and a lack of schools and teachers.

One of CESCI’s aims is to enable village children to go to school, with sustainable village development and education programmes. Some time ago CESCI, under the committed leadership of Lalita,  picked out neighbouring villages in which women and children learn how to handle their resources (e.g. economising), how to find mutual solutions to fight poverty, and how to promote their cultural heritage (e.g. traditional handicrafts) and the interest in education.

In other words, the aim is an all-round education which the village as a community can deal with and profit from. In order to offer this programme to more villages, and to train more teachers, CESCI depends on donations.

The villages need urgently:
  • suitable school rooms and material,
  • Training programmes for teachers in the villages (in all-round education), training programmes for special teachers (e.g. unemployed young people), who can give extra lessons to children in the evening so that they can pass the necessary exams or so that they can join normal lessons again; training for programme coordinators, who can help to develop programmes necessary for the villages, to coordinate and give support, and to report back to CESCI.
  • A donation from you would give an underprivileged child a good education and better future prospects. Many thanks!
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