Become a member of the CESCI support group

Members pay an annual membership fee: In addition it is possible to support individual projects, take on recurring commitments, such as sponsoring a social activist in India, or become a benefactor by remembering CESCI in your will.

The group's active members work on many fronts: they arrange trips to India and workshops, help to organise the annual theatre festival which takes place in CESCI, accompany Ekta Parishad on Padyatras (peaceful marches for social change), raise financial sponsorship for the activists, sell fair trade products and organise the financing of small-scale projects carried out by Ekta Parishad.

Current projects include supporting a school and women's micro-finance groups near the CECSI Centre, follow-up work on Janadesh 2007 and preparatory work for Jansatyagraha 2012 (peaceful march for land rights).

We are an active, growing group with committed, open-minded members.

Annual membership fees:
  • Individuals: CHF 50
  • Groups and institutions: CHF 250

Förderverein CESCI
CH-8000 Zürich
PC 80-220210-4

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