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Ekta Parishad

Ekta Parishad is a grass-roots movement that has campaigned for the rights of the poorest members of the population  – the landless and the indigenous population  – in Central and Southern India for 20 years.

Ekta Europe

Ekta Parishad Europe (EE) is an open network of independent organisations and individuals in various countries in Europe.


The bioRe® Foundation has been investing in the sustainable advancement of living conditions for farming families in India and Tanzania since 1997. The main areas of focus are organic cotton farming as a sustainable source of income as well as health, education and livelihood security. The social projects are locally implemented by partner organizations of the bioRe® Foundation. These are bioRe® Association India, bioRe® India Ltd., bioRe® Foundation Tanzania and bioRe® Tanzania Ltd. The businesses bioRe® India Ltd. and bioRe® Tanzania Ltd. form the starting point of the unique bioRe® supply chain. They work directly with the farmers who produce the high-grade bioRe® cotton.

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