Millions Can Walk

January 5, 2014
Jan Sataygraha

In January 2014 "Millions Can Walk" had its world premiere at the Solothurner Filmtage (Swiss Filmfestival). Shortly afterwards, the film has been shown in several cinemas in Switzerland, Europe and all around the world. RAJAGOPAL had most of the movie premieres. The film has been a unique chance to spread the word about Ekta Parishad’s vision, strategies and skills. It created also a great opportunity for interesting discussions with many potential future supporters of Ekta Parishad. The movie impressively shows some of the main demands of the Adivasi and landless in India.
By spreading this information within your networks, you support not only the movie but rather help Ekta Parishad and its strategy to get awareness and support.


Visit the movie website (--> here) and join the discussion on Facebook (--> here).