Theater workshop in the CESCI-Centre Madurai

Theater Festival

Social activists and artists have been meeting once a year in the CESCI-Centre since 1998 for the Theatre Workshop Festival on themes such as „Art and people searching for a common cause” “Women – guardians of the community” “ Children and theatre for a new world”” People’s art for social solidarity”.

The committed activists learn and develop the technique of street theatre, which is used as a playful means of enlightening the rural population. At the same, the actors learn and intensify the sense and purpose of their creative work in social commitment.

The performances take place in the evening, and the next morning they are analysed and discussed. During the day there are lectures and workshops led by the artists. In the second week the emphasis is on practical application. At the end of the workshop there is a performance of the finished production, which is then taken over and used again by the activists in the context of their own work.

Thanks to this year’s meeting of the “Culture activists”, Ekta Kala Manj (the culture department of Ekta Parishad) experienced an enormous impetus. Ekta Kala Manj is a permanent companion and animator during the non-violent marches through the territories of the Adivasi where it led to the setting up of Kala Maju Bhawan (houses of culture). The theatre workshop festival’s budget included the travel and lodging expenses of all participants, the documentation of the production and discussions, and modest fees for the artistic direction and lectures.

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