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The CESCI Centre in Madurai in South India

Embedded in rolling hills it is surrounded by rice fields and mango and coconut plantations. The buildings are in traditional local style and are arranged around a central courtyard. The sleeping accommodation, with both individual and communal washing facilities, is also grouped around a courtyard. There is an open kitchen in the centre of the complex, with a shady veranda for eating.

The accommodation also features a seminar room, which is open on one side to the courtyard and an open air auditorium with a stage. The International Gandhian Institute for Nonviolence and Peace (IGINP) has been headquartered in the CESCI Centre grounds since 2004. Their building also houses a library.

CESCI's primary function is hosting training for the activists and providing an environment in which they can recharge their energies after a spell in the field. For the activists, all of whom are committed to living according to Gandhian principles, CESCI is a place of contact, of retreat and of reflection. CESCI is also a venue for training programmes for regional organisations and other non-profit organisations. As such it provides a fascinating opportunity for visitors from other countries who wish to gain an insight into Indian culture and social conditions.

CESCI is run by an experienced team of staff, known for their helpfulness and hospitality, who ensure that the needs of each and every visitor are met.

CESCI Centre for Socio-Cultural Interaction

New Natham Road
Chattrapatti P.O.
Madurai 625014

Tel/Fax +91 452 247 8359

Kontaktperson: Mr. Vinod Kumar